How to make $50 a day online

How To Make $50 A Day Online

If you were able to make $50 a day online that would put an extra $1500 in your pocket each month.

I don’t know about you, but that can make a big difference in my life. That would cover all my essential bills like a mortgage and utilities each and every month!

Making a full time income online takes time and tons of effort, but it can be easy for anyone to be able to make $50 a day online. It will still require effort and commitment, but not nearly as much as trying to get a full time income online will. Make sure you are willing to commit to your goals when trying to make extra money.

The first thing you want to do when looking at how to make extra money online is to figure out what skills you have. These can be things like what hobbies you like to do, the ability and talent for sales, or technical skills that you have.


You can do tons of things to get your sidehustle going as a freelancer.

Pick a platform like Fiver or UpWork to market yourself on.

You can freelance as a graphic designer, writer, video editor, and many other niche freelance areas to earn an extra $50 each day.

Social Media Manager or Marketer

If you like social media and you are good at sales then this is a great side gig to get into.

Many companies, bloggers, and even social media influencers need people to help keep their accounts active and entertaining to their followers.

So if you are able to show that you have talent when it comes to social media then this would be a great way to get $50 a day online easy.

If you’re great at this, then this would be a great stepping stone to earning a living online as a social media marketer or manager.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant (VA for short) means you help a company or a client do specific tasks that they pay you to do for them.

A virtual assistant can also tie into social media manager, as sometimes people will hire VAs to do tasts within their social media accounts.

VAs might also do other tasks such as put up blog posts, find companies for your client to work with, answer emails, and many other things.

Depending on your specialty, talent, and experience you can easily earn up to $50 an hour as a VA.

Sell Things On eBay

So many people have things laying around that they don’t need and don’t use.

Just look around and think about things you currently have and could sell for extra cash on eBay.

Another way people make money on eBay is to shop the goodwill stores and thrift shops to resell on eBay.

Selling On Amazon

There are various ways you can sell stuff on Amazon.

You could have your own book, or you can do retail arbitrage.

There is also Merch by Amazon. This is a Amazon platform where you upload your own designs and then Amazon prints those on apparel and other customization merchandise for people to buy.

Merch by Amazon is another great way to make extra money where you don’t have to worry about an inventory to be able to get your product out to your customers.

The most popular way to sell on Amazon, and the way that is usually the most profitable is to do Amazon FBA, aka Fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon FBA is one of those sidehustles that can take you from putting an extra 50 in your pocket each day to making a full time income from Amazon FBA.

Open an Etsy Store

If you have a hobby that is a craft you can sell what you make on Etsy.

Other things you can open an Etsy store to sell are print on demand store, resell of craft supplies, graphics that you make, or stock photos that you take.


With dropshipping you don’t have to worry about having to keep an inventory or make a big investment to have items to sell.

One popular way to start dropshipping is to open a Shopify store and then use Oberlo to help you import products from AliExpress so you can sell them and then have the merchant on AliExpress ship the items to your customer.

The only thing you have to handle is building your shop on Shopify and customer service. You don’t have to worry about getting the products to the mailbox or shipping store, and you don’t have to worry about having space to keep all of the products.

Write and Sell Your Own Ebook

You can write your own ebook and sell it through various platforms. Doing this is a great way to help you on your way to earning $50 a day.

You could sell it through Amazon.

Or you can sell it through your own website using a platform like Send Owl and utilize affiliate marketing to get a better reach for marketing of your ebook.

Start A Blog

Blogging won’t get you $50 a day right away. It will take time and effort but you can usually get there within a few months with the right niche and traffic.

The best thing about blogging is you have the potential to go well beyond the $50 a day mark as time goes on, especially if you do SEO correctly.

Being An Influencer

If you already have a good sized social media presence then becoming an influence could get you well on your way to even more than $50 a day.

Being an influence is a lot like being a blogger, but instead of blogging on a blog you are posting content on your social media account. This can get you paid in various ways from companies wanting you to sponsor their products.

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