how to choose an affiliate program for growing passive income

How To Choose An Affiliate Program for Growing Passive Income

When you are trying to build a passive income it can be difficult to find a good product to help you achieve your goals.

But finding the right affiliate program and product are important to your success for growing passive income online.

There are thousands if not millions of different products that have affiliate programs, giving you the chance to earn money by referring customers to that affiliate program owner. But with many of these they either have too much competition, or just aren’t worth your time for the tiny commission that they provide.

Finding a niche for affiliate marketing and a product to promote is the most difficult part of growing income from affiliate marketing.

The Best Tips For Choosing An Affiliate Program for Growing Passive Income

Find A Niche That Interest You

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When trying to create a passive income using affiliate marketing you do not want to be choosing just one product and developing a web page around that one product and then starting again with a completely different product.

You want to instead, create your website around a niche.

It’s important when choosing a niche to make sure to pick a profitable niche.

And also make sure that there are multiple affiliate programs available with products for you to promote in that niche.

But another key thing to do is to make sure the niche is something that interest you.

For example, if I chose to make a golf niche affiliate site, well that would be a horrible idea. I hate golf, in fact I despise golf (long childhood trauma story there). So how in the world would I be able to work on something that I couldn’t stand the subject of? I wouldn’t. And then nothing would get done, no income would come in.

So make sure to think about what interests you. Or perhaps there is a topic you enjoy that you could also be considered somewhat of an expert in.

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time on your niche affiliate site, choose something you enjoy and that could also be profitable.

A good money making niche will have multiple affiliate programs and products available.

Check Out Other Websites In Your Niche

There are going to be other trying to promote the same affiliate offers you will be promoting if you chose a profitable niche. So make sure to search Google and find out who they are and what they are offering their readers and visitors.

Affiliate programs also have EPC ratings. This stands for Earnings Per Click, which is the average earnings that their affiliates make for the traffic they refer. So the higher the number the more profitable the affiliate program usually is.

A good balance is a program with a higher EPC but that doesn’t have a bunch of other people promoting the product or offer.

Check Out The Sales Page of The Affiliate Program

You want to make sure in addition to scoping out your competition, you check out the affiliate program’s sales page too.

Even the best product around isn’t going to sell if it has a horrible sales page.

I know I’ve been interested in products and I’m ready to buy, but I get to the sales page and it looks like it hasn’t been updated in 10 years. I don’t feel good about giving payment info to a site like that, and many people will feel that way.

So make sure that any affiliate program you are looking at has a professional looking sales page and makes you interested in buying the product.

Make Sure The Payout Is Good

Always check to see what the affiliate program is giving you per sale, or per action.

If you’re sending someone to a $1000 product but only making 1%, chances are you would be able to make conversions on a $100 making 10%, but getting the same per conversion.

There are some affiliate programs, mainly the high ticket programs, that will give you up to 50% for products that are over $800.

So as you can see paying attention to the end result that ends up in your wallet can vary greatly.You have to weigh if one is worth your time or if another looks more promising.

Sure they might be paying $450 in the end for each sale, but the big question is can you get to the part where your referral buys it? If not then you would be better off taking a lower ticket item that converts like crazy, because you will actually make money.

Is The Affiliate Product and Program Evergreen?

Does the program you are looking at have staying power?

Some things are quick fads that you can make a fast buck on, but you are constantly chasing the next fad.

When you are trying to create a growing passive income through affiliate marketing, fads are not the type of products to promote.

A good passive income product won’t require you to redo everything constantly.

Choosing good evergreen products is the first step to becoming an effective affiliate marketer that has passive income.

A good product to promote makes it much easier to be successful in affiliate marketing.

This usually goes back to picking profitable niches for your niche affiliate website.

Let’s say you chose the diet niche. Yes diet programs are fads. But if you don’t build your entire marketing platform around just one diet and instead focus on losing weight, then you can keep using various weight loss programs for your promotions. This way when one fades out you don’t have to scrap everything you’ve built to go onto the next.

Always Evaluate Your Results

No matter how far along you are in affiliate marketing, to keep your passive income you must keep an eye on your results.

Most affiliate program sites will allow you to evaluate your traffic and conversions.

But sometimes they don’t. So you should also be using your own affiliate link tracking on your site. I personally use Thirsty Affiliates. By using Thirsty Affiliates I can keep track of which of my affiliate links are getting clicks. This also allows me to test different positions of links and different pages if I would like to drill it down that far.

If you’re getting people to come to your site or page, but no one is converting, then you need to make some changes.

It is always possible that those visiting your site are looking for information only and aren’t looking to make a purchase. But you need to find a way to get those people to convert. Perhaps the affiliate program you are promoting has some free offers or coupons you can show your visitors.

Find a way to entice those who are coming to your site to click through your affiliate links and continue into conversions to help you grow your affiliate income.

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